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  • Attendance guidance for school sites
  • School site boundary information
  • Home and hospital teaching coordination
  • Suspension coding
  • Ethnicity reporting
  • Class size reduction reporting
  • Attendance reporting to County and State



  • Vendor payments
  • Employee reimbursements
  • Sales and use tax reporting
  • Travel and conference
  • Vendor maintenance
  • Accounts Receivable - Customers
  • Financial accounting
  • Assist sites and departments in identifying the correct accounting codes


  • Review funding for all personnel requisitions
  • Assist in determining appropriate expenditures and resource allocation
  • Provide budget analysis
  • Provide projection of staffing tentative salary and benefits costs
  • Assist staff with viewing and interpreting their budgets
  • Provide general direction on the types of expenses that may be allowed under a restricted program

Financial Analyst

  • Develop, implement and maintain processes and enhancements
  • Coordinate administration of student body organizations
  • Prepare mandated cost claims
  • Interface with various auditors in examining the District’s records

Document Imaging

  • Provide paper-to-electronic-format services to District sites and departments 


  • Pay processing and reporting including pay stubs and W2 form
  • Corrective action to employee pay problems
  • Tax form processing
  • W4 (federal exemption form)
  • DE4 (California exemption form)
  • W5 (earned inc. credit adv. payment)
  • Employee absence accounting and reporting
  • Direct deposit form processing
  • Tax shelter annuity (TSA) processing and coordination with SchoolsFirst FCU
  • Training for office manager and site staff

Property and Liability

  • Claim processing
  • Confidential School Accident reporting
  • Certificates of Insurance for District-sponsored events
  • Registration of personal property
  • Student insurance
  • Risk assessment and communication
  • Forms associated with waivers, field trips, etc.


  • Purchase cost effective equipment, supplies, materials, and services
  • Develop and process bid packages
  • Coordinate construction and maintenance projects with Maintenance/Operations and site modification projects
  • Monitor and maintain warehouse stock
  • Manage JIT programs to ensure a continuous supply to sites