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  • Kaiser Permanente is closely monitoring the Zika virus outbreak, which is happening in parts of the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and South America. As always, the health and well-being of our members and employees are our top priorities.
  • While the virus doesn't cause serious problems for most people who get it, it may be very dangerous for the unborn children of pregnant women. If a pregnant woman gets the virus, it may cause birth defects in her baby, including a smaller than normal head.
  • Keep in mind that the Zika virus is mainly spread to people through bites from infected mosquitoes. It is not contagious the way the flu or common cold is. This means that people are unlikely to become infected unless they're in an area where mosquitos are carrying the virus.  
  • All Kaiser Permanente medical facilities are following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure we meet or exceed national standards.
  • In accordance with CDC recommendations, Kaiser Permanente is advising pregnant women, women planning to become pregnant, and their partners to postpone travel to affected areas, including southern Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Since the affected areas could change, members should check the most current listing on the CDC website.
  • If any of these members must travel to one of the impacted areas, they should talk to their doctor before they go. While on the trip, they should try to avoid mosquito bites by using insect repellent and wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants whenever possible and abstain from unprotected sex or use condoms. When they return, they should contact their doctors' office for the most current information.
  • We are continuing to monitor the situation and are ready to adapt and adjust as necessary.
  • Review the member fact sheet or visit the CDC website at at cdc.gov/zika for additional information.


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