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The Budget Department provides the following services:

  • Review funding for all personnel requisitions
  • Assist Sites and Departments to determine an appropriate expenditure object code to use for a particular expense
  • Provide budget analysis
  • Provide projection of staffing tentative salary and benefits costs
  • Assist Sites and Departments in viewing and interpreting their budgets
  • Provide general direction on the types of expenses that may be allowed under a restricted program
  • Monitor POS/PCN & Role and Recompense

Expenses by Account Codes

The document below is provided to help understand expenses by account codes.

Account Detail - Pseudo-Object Inquiry

Personnel Requisitions

The information below is provided to help staff understand how to enter personnel requisitions.

Personnel Requisitions System Handbook

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Chart Listing

General Reference

Budget Files

 Chart of Accounts March 2015

Chart of Accounts March 2015

2014-15 All Funds Final Budget

2013-14 All Funds Final Budget


The 2015-16 All Funds Initial June Budget is available



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