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Daniela Logan

Accounting Assistant III




Renato Espiritu

Accounting Assistant III




Debra Querner

Accounting Assistant III




Mary Whitney

Accounting Assistant III




Hang Tran





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The Budget Department provides the following services:

  • Review funding for all personnel requisitions
  • Assist Sites and Departments to determine an appropriate expenditure object code to use for a particular expense
  • Provide budget analysis
  • Provide projection of staffing tentative salary and benefits costs
  • Assist Sites and Departments in viewing and interpreting their budgets
  • Provide general direction on the types of expenses that may be allowed under a restricted program
  • Monitor POS/PCN & Role and Recompense

Budget Assignments

The Budget Department has implemented a school site based service model, where your specific budget concerns are addressed by the assigned Budget Technician.  Please see assignments below:


Expenses by Account Codes

The document below is provided to help understand expenses by account codes.

Object Codes


Personnel Requisitions

The information below is provided to help staff understand how to enter personnel requisitions.

Personnel Requisitions System Handbook

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Chart Listing

General Reference