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Tax Withholding & Other Information

  • Employee pay dates and attendance periods. 

  • Information about your PARS account.

  • Social Security Wage Base for 2015.  Effective with 2015 pay dates the Social Security rate remains 6.2% for the employee deduction.  For more details go to www.irs.gov or consult a tax professional.

  • The 2015 social security wage base increases to $118,500. The maximum social security tax employees and employers will each pay in 2015 is $7,347. There is no maximum wage base for Medicare and the tax rate remains 1.45% for both employee and employer contributions.

  • Effective beginning in 2013 wages paid in excess of $200,000 will be subject to a 0.9% Medicare tax withheld from the employee's wages. There is no employer contribution.

  • Pension Plan Limits in 2015.  The limitation concerning elective deferrals to deferred compensation plans §403(b) and §457 rises to $18,000. Catch-up contributions toward §403(b), and §457(b) plans for individuals age 50 or over rises to $6,000. For more details go to www.irs.gov or consult a tax professional.