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Newport-Mesa Unified School District to Phase in New District Logo

Newport Mesa Unified School District Logo

As Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) celebrated its 50th Anniversary in the 2016/17 school year, it was an opportune time to consider re-designing the district logo. The new logo has been adopted and will be phased in starting in July.


In recent years, multiple versions of the previous NMUSD logo existed and were used interchangeably. The new logo was adopted in an effort to create consistent branding and to more accurately represent a unified district, inclusive of its various communities.


The new logo was designed based on input from a logo re-design committee, which included students, certificated and classified staff, administrators, community members and board member representatives. The logo is reflective of the district’s values of collaboration, unity and forward thinking/forward movement, as described by the logo re-design committee.


“I appreciate and commend the committee for their vision that resulted in a modern and bold reflection of our forward-thinking district,” said Superintendent Dr. Fred Navarro. “We have strong ties to our community and our new logo reflects our unified approach to education,” he said. 


The logo is professional, modern, unique and visually appealing. It includes multicolored triangular shapes moving upward. The colors are representative of the district’s four school zones and the triangular shapes can be seen as arrows, fish, birds, or other items meant to symbolize individuals working together toward a common goal. Teachers may see the logo as them guiding students, principals may see it as a collaborative approach to working with students, staff and local communities, community members may see it as having an active role within the schools, students may see it as diverse student populations working together toward a common goal. As with all art, it is subjective and story of the NMUSD logo will be as unique as the person interpreting it.


The NMUSD logo is timeless, yet current. While other school district logos contain dated imagery, such as apples, books, and pencils – all appropriate representations of education for their time, NMUSD’s logo is something that will work well into the future, without relying on period specific imagery that can become quickly outdated in the rapidly changing world of education.


The new logo will slowly replace the district’s current logo of an oval containing a sailboat on one side of a curved line and two people holding hands on the other side. In an effort to be fiscally responsible the new logo will be phased in through a cost effective approach. The plan is to implement the new logo on all digital items and other no-cost items first and replace the logo on other items as current stock is depleted or the during the typical re-order cycle. Although, this will result in a few years with both logos, the district’s obligation to be fiscally responsible outweighs the need to fully implement the new logo at one time.


As we complete the district’s 50th anniversary celebration and close one chapter in the Newport-Mesa history, we look forward to the next chapter of excellence in education.

Posted by: Matthew Jennings, District Admin, Newport Mesa Unified School District Published:6/16/17
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