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Leave of Absence Form (LOA)

Employee Information System (EIS)

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union

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Summer Saver Account

SchoolsFirst FCU offers a unique savings account designed to meet the financial needs of school employees with a 10- or 11-month pay schedule. The Summer Saver account ensures employees will have sufficient funds to get them through the months they don't receive a paycheck. To learn more, visit the SchoolsFirst Product & Service Webpage and view the Just for School Employees/Savings options, or call (800) 462-8328.

Payroll Services

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Important Deadlines and Information


Miscellaneous Earning Reports (MER)

Complete Miscellaneous Earning Reports (MER) for single or multiple employees with the templates listed below. These printable forms are in Excel format and can be saved to a desktop.

MER - Blank Form for Handwritten Data

MER - Communication

MER - Comp Time

MER - Extra Periods (6/5ths and 7/6ths)

MER - Mileage

MER - Overtime

MER - Role & Recompense Multi Cycles

MER - Straight Time

To All Employees Participating in the Public Agency Retirement System (PARS)

The PARS Agency Annual Statement provides information about the PARS assets of employees of your particular employer as a whole.

Information about your particular PARS participant account is available in the Annual Participant Account Valuation Report.

These reports are available at 2985-A Bear Street, Costa Mesa CA  92626.

Contact Us

Bea Volper
Payroll Supervisor

Amanda Wortham
Payroll Technician

Elena Concepcion
Payroll Technician G - P

Liz Barnett
Payroll Technician A - F  and certificated MERs

Bianca Santos
Payroll Technician Q - Z, classified MERs, special reports, Various deductions input/ Tax Input

About Us

The Payroll Department is responsible for all aspects of payroll which includes paying certificated and classified employees on scheduled pay dates and issuing W-2s.  Payroll annually processes pay for 3,000 plus employees totaling over $100 million in earnings and $20 million in tax withholdings.

The Payroll Department trains and assists timekeepers and audits submissions into the Time and Attendance system.  Time and Attendance provides the ability to input employee absences into an online database.  We also provide training for new office managers and their assistants.

Important Sites

2018-19 CalSTRS Member Rate

FY 2018-19 CalSTRS

2% @ 60 member rate is 10.25%

2% @ 62 member rate is 10.205%