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School Climate

Positive Behavior Intervention Supports:

What is School Wide Positive Behavior Supports?

School Wide Positive Behavior Supports (SWPBIS) is a framework or approach comprised of intervention practices and organizational systems for establishing the social culture, learning and teaching environment, and individual behavior supports needed to achieve academic and social success for all students.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive approach to establishing the behavioral supports and social culture and needed for all students in a school to achieve social, emotional and academic success. Attention is focused on creating and sustaining primary (school-wide), secondary (classroom), and tertiary (individual) systems of support that improve lifestyle results (personal, health, social, family, work, recreation) for all youth by making targeted misbehavior less effective, efficient, and relevant, and desired behavior more functional.

The following diagram illustrates the multi-level approach offered to all students in the school. These group depictions represent systems of support not children:


PBIS Chart
PBIS in Newport Mesa:
All schools are implementing School-wide PBIS. Each school is unique and will therefore be at different phases of the implementation process. These include Exploration, Installation, Partial Implementation and Full Implementation. For more information about PBIS at your child's school, please see the links below:

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Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices is a framework that centers around positive relationships for community building and restoring relationships when harm has occurred. Inspired by the philosophy of Restorative Justice, Restorative Practices includes repairing harm done to relationships over assigning blame and dispensing punishment (Eber, 2014). Unlike Restorative Justice, Restorative Practices is not merely a disciplinary approach to wrongdoing, but it is compatible with education in that it supports a prevention and intervention approach. 

Restorative Practices Picture

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