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What are Data Walls?



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Principal Explanation

First Grade Data Wall Explanation



"Our Data Walls at Rea School were decided upon by each grade level. In K-2 the walls include DIBELS, District Benchmarks in ELA and Math, Lexile scores and 'Math Facts in a Flash' (a computer based math program). Our 3-6 data walls include ELA and Math CST data broken down by "Band" scores - color coded. Each student's class number is placed in the band that they scored on last year's CST. In addition, they have also put the Accelerated Reader Lexile Scores, Accelerated Math scores and the District Benchmark scores." - Teri Schad, Reading Coach - Rea School.

Below are pictures of Data Walls at Rea School. The staff decided to have Data Walls in every classroom. Each grade level decided what Data they wanted to post and how to display it. The wonderful thing about the Data Walls is all the students know where they are, where they want to go and how they will get there.

The Principal, Dr. Anna Corral, has put this Data Wall outside her office. These are 2008-2009 CST Scores. Each icon stands for a grade level. While she is in her office she can hear the students at the Data Wall. "See that heart I am pointing to? That is me. I am here now, but I am working hard to get to the green section. I am going to be in the green section next year.

Principal Data Wall

Principal 2


SHARON BAKER - Grade5/Rea School

This grade level decided to post last year's CST scores. The students know where they are and where they want to be after this Spring.



JEFF WILLIAMS - Grade 6/Rea School




PATI DIAS - Grade 3/Rea School

This 3rd grade teacher has a whole Data Wall which includes CST Language Arts, CST Math and Accelerated Reader


DiasDias 3


ANDREW HAIRE - Grade 2-4/ Rea School

Whole Wall

 JESSICA SPERLING - Kindergarden/ Rea School


GLENN ATKINS - Grades K-1/ Rea School

Fluency Scores


CARRIE MURILLO - Grade 6/ Rea School

 This 6th Grade Class decided to have jeeps and use cards to identify which standards they have mastered.




AMANDA ESTRADA - Grade 1/ Rea School

hang ten 2Hang ten



JAN HECHT - Grade 2/ Rea School

 Math Facts in a Flash!



JODI GOLDING - Grades 2-4/Rea School

more fish


CARRIE MURILLO - Grade 6/Rea School

In addition to teacher support, a select number of students receive peer support. These students are identified by a TARGET which is placed on their desk. Whenever this student needs help, a student may help him/her. This has been a very positive experience for all the students and it gives the student that, at times, needs help added confidence.

 Target Student 2

This class set CST goals for this 2009-2010 school year. On each students' desk is a post-it note that states their 2008-2009 ELA score and band. Each student then decides how many points he/she wants to improve and that is their goal for this year. Throughout the year the students discuss what they need to do to meet their individual goal.


Goals 2




JAN HECHT - Grade 2/Rea School

This grade level used penguins to set their goals for the 2010 School Year!

PenguinPenguin 2




ROBBIE STICKLER - Grade 6/Rea School

Many of the classrooms have large posters visible talking about How to Get Into College. This has also become part of the students' goal setting.