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Nutrition Services

Meeting Students Nutritional Needs and Beyond

As a NMUSD parent and a Registered Dietitian, I know first hand the concern of wanting to know how the districts nutrition services are meeting the nutritional needs of our children. As I visited the website, I was very impressed by what they had for not only parents, but teachers too. Every month, there is a feature fruit or vegetable, with nutritional information and a recipe for parents to introduce it at home. This information is given in an informational newsletter and an educational newsletter, as well.

There is also a wealth of resources available for both parents and teachers related to the Harvest of the Month and nutrition programs from nonprofit organizations, the state of California and the federal government. I really enjoyed reading through a book I down loaded from their site called “Popular Team  Nutritional Events” that gave ideas on how to organize nutritional events at your school.

The NMUSD nutritional team has worked hard to provide a wealth of knowledge to parents and teachers. To view what they have to offer visit go to Nutrition Services.

Written by:
Dena Fisher, R.D.
HCPTA Nutrition Chair

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Understanding Basic Aid School District Funding

Unit Presidents/Board Members:

As requested at our Monday HC PTA, please click the respective links for current enrollment
figures for NM schools and information on Basic Aid districts.