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Address Verification

Welcome Center
BESST Center • 2045 Meyer Place • Room 110-113 • Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Phone: (949) 515-6743 & (949) 515-6740
Hours of Operation: Monday through Thursday 8 am - 3 pm

Step 1:   Address Verification: (New and Current Students who have moved within Newport-Mesa U.S.D. boundaries)

The following documentation will be required for the verification process. At least one item from each section must be provided in person. (Please note: All addresses on documentation must match the address being verified.)

Section 1:

Verification of identity of parent, caregiver, licensed foster agency or group home representative, Superior Court-appointed legal guardian.

  • A Current Driver's License
  • An original government issued ID with photo
  • Appropriate agency identification if an agent or representative of social services of foster care agency

Section 2:

Verification of current residence must be provided by one of the following:

  • Property tax bill with parent/ guardian name and property address. To obtain a copy of this document, contact your local Treasurer Tax Collector's office at (714) 834-3411.
  • Rental/ Lease agreement with parent/ guardian name and address, including the property management's/ owner's contact information. If rental/ lease agreement is not current, please provide the agreement with the previous two months rental receipts with the property management's/ owner's contact information.

Section 3:

Verification of current residence must be provided by one of the following additional documents:

  • Current Utility Bill (Gas or Electric)
  • Current Phone Bill
  • Current Income Tax Documents
  • Current Vehicle Registration
  • Current Medical Letter of Approval
  • Current Women, Infants, Children (W.I.C.) Letter.

Not the primary renter/owner?

If you are not the primary renter/owner of the residence, you will need the following:

  • A Residence Affidavit Form (provided by us) stating you live in someone else's household (renting a room).
  • Provide one item from Section 1
  • Provide one item from Section 3
    • Renter/ owner must be present at the time of address verification with the required documentation from Sections 1, 2, and 3 as listed above.

Step 2:   Online Pre-enrollment and Pre-enrollment Process:

Part I:  -  The Online Pre-Enrollment process can be completed at home or at the computer lab (room 112) after address verification.  To complete process at home, use the following link:

Before completing the pre-enrollment process online for your child, you will need the following information:

  • Parent/ Guardian work address and phone number
  • A valid email address for Parent/Guardian with password
  • Emergency contacts information (relationship to student, name, address, phone numbers)
  • Physicians name and contact information
  • Information on student's health issues, medications.

Part II:  -  The Pre-Enrollment Packet (New Students or Returning Students after leaving the District for 12 consecutive months or more).

The following documents are required for entry into any of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District schools. We cannot process your child's pre-enrollment without the documents below.

Required Documentation:

  • Address Verification Golden Ticket & Manila envelope (provided by Step 1)
  • Parent/Guardian Valid Picture Identification
  • Students Verification of Age (Birth Certificate, Baptismal, or Passport) *
  • Student Physical Exam Form (Pre-K, Transitional Kinder, Kindergarten, and 1st Grades)
  • Immunization Card (Up to Date for School Entry) **
  • Report Cards (K-6) or Transcript (7-12) ***
  • IEP or 504 Plan (If applicable)
  • Custody, Guardianship, Restraining Orders (if applicable)
  • Last Pre-School attended of entering Kindergarteners

*  If a valid Verification of Age document cannot be provided, you must complete a Verification of Age affidavit at the Welcome Center.

**  Physical exam to be completed prior to school entry less than 1 year for Pre-K, less than 6 months for Transitional Kinder and Kindergarten, and less than 18 months for 1st grade.

***  If you cannot provide a current report card/transcript, you will be required to fill out a records request form either at the school site or at the Welcome Center.

Step 3:  Finalizing Enrollment at your School Site:  Parent/Guardian must bring supporting documents (sealed packet in Step 2) to your school of attendance where Enrollment is Completed. Some schools will have additional documents to complete.

Please note that the enrollment process is not complete until your student's information and supporting documentation has been reviewed at the school and the entire enrollment process is deemed complete and acceptable.