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The primary mission of the Property & Liability department is to protect the District's assets from major loss, and to ensure against losses that would adversely impact the financial stability of the District. This is accomplished through a combination of self-funding and insurance agreements that are fiscally sound and cost effective. This mission is accomplished through four basic approaches to responsible risk management:

  • Provide information that helps District staff proactively eliminate risk exposure via Confidential School Accident reporting and coordinate the participation of training aimed at reducing risk.

  • Assure Certificates of Insurance are issued to reduce District exposure, issue Certificates of Insurance where appropriate to accommodate outside District entities, and attain driving record information to ensure the safety of students and staff.

  • Participate in prudent insurance programs designed to maximize fiscal protection at minimal cost.

  • Provide positive and aggressive control of claims brought against the District and settle claims fairly, responsibly, and in a timely and practical manner wherever possible.

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