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Harbor Council PTA

Harbor Proposed Slate of Officers:

Report of the Nominating Committee

Name of PTA: Harbor Council PTA

Date: 1-23-2023

The nominating committee met on 1-23-2023 to consider all eligible candidates for the the 2023-24 term of office.  On behalf of the nominating committee, I present the following slate of officers for the association's consideration:

Position Name
President Cynthia Strasmann
EVP Vickie Waldo
1st VP, Programs Martha Fluor
2nd VP, Membership Andrea McGary
3rd VP, Advocacy Michelle Barto
4th VP, Communications  
Treasurer Lisa Boler
Secretary Kate Gamewell
Historian  Kirsten Walsh
Auditor Julie Lenk


Signatures of the Nominating Committee:

Elizabeth Spicer
Andrea McGary
Lisa Boler
Jenny Dye

The report of the nominating committee is submitted to the membership in writing at least 28 days prior to the election and reported at the election meeting.  The report of the nominating committee must be entered into the minutes of the association.


Harbor Council Executive Board

Cynthia Strasmann

Executive Vice President
Vicki Waldo

1st VP - Programs & Events
Maurenen Dionysian

2nd VP - Membership
Andrea McGary

3rd VP - Legislation
Martha Fluor

4th VP - Communications
Michelle Barto

Lisa Boler

Kate Gamewell

Jenny Dye

Lauren Mahlmeister 

Julie Lenk