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Chiropractic Care

When searching for a provider and you are enrolled in Cigna Network (HMO) or St Joesph Hoag Health (SELECT HMO), ask the provider if they accept American Specialty Health (ASH) not if they accept Cigna HMO.

ASH Flyer

Use the below instructions to find providers within your network.

Cigna Network and St Joseph Hoag Health (HMOs) Chiropractic Search

Cigna OAP Chiropractic Search

Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care Medical Necessity Review (MNR)

Cigna Network (HMO) Chiropractic Rider information NMUSD-Cigna website


Tips for Network American Specialty Health Users: 

  • When collecting payment up front, the member should not be charged over the co-payment amount
  • If non-covered services are rendered, the member should sign the Member Billing Acknowledgement From which list the specific date of service, CPT code, and charged amount. If the member does not sign this form prior to receiving non-covered services, the member would not be responsible for these charges. 
  • If member has coinsurance, wait for the remittance advise to bill the member or review the client summary to best gauge the amount the member should be billed. When the remittance advise is received by the office, either a refund for the overpaid amounts to the member will be made or underpaid amounts will be invoiced to the member.