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College and Career

The Career Technical Education (CTE) program in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District offers elective courses in a sequential CTE pathway, within an industry sector that incorporates science, math, English Language Arts (ELA), and CTE common core standards. Increasingly, states and districts are organizing educational opportunities along with experiential learning through a coherent career pathway system. This secondary school strategy ensures students receive career knowledge combined with rigorous academics and hands-on learning resulting in deeper engagement, attainment of workplace skills, and academic achievement for students. Career pathways encourage student choice in the direction and alignment with local industry and career opportunities; they also help students transition from school to post-secondary education and careers through purposefully designed courses and services.  Learn more about our middle school and high school CTE programs below.


High School 

Michael Vossen 
(714) 424-5042

Lisa Snowden
Coordinator II, Career Counseling
(714) 424-5036

Anne Younglove 
Program Analyst
(714) 424-5032

Breck Lytle 
Administrative Assistant
(714) 424-5044 

Melissa Do
Office Assistant III
(714) 424-7552