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Banning Ranch Surplus Property Committee

Pursuant to Education Code Section 17388, before excess real property is sold or leased, the Board of Education of a school district must appoint a District Advisory Committee to advise the Board of Education on the disposition of the property. Education Code Section 17389 requires that the advisory be composed of not less than seven (7) no more than eleven (11) members and must be representative of specific groups within the community. This commonly is called a 7-11 Committee.

The purpose of the 7-11 Committee is to review and analyze the district’s “Banning Ranch” property consisting of approximately 11.36 acres, located at 980 16th Street in Newport Beach, APN’s: 114-170-63, 114-170-64, and 114-170-51 (hereinafter, the “Property”) in order to determine whether it should be designated as surplus and, if so, what the district should do with the Property. The Committee will establish a priority list for the use of the Property, consider community input on acceptable uses, and forward its recommendations to the Board of Education. The Board of Education will then consider the Committee’s recommendation and decide what to do with the Property.

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