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Citizens Oversight Committee

This advisory group is charged with ensuring to the community that the expenditure of bond monies authorized by the voters is consistent with the purposes approved by the voters in November 2005. Oversight means just that: reviewing what the District is doing with the Measure F bond proceeds to make sure what is being done is what the voters authorized. Specifically, the COC is charged by law with the following:


  1. to ensure expenditures are consistent with the voter-approved authorization; 
  2. to review the annual, independent financial audit
  3. to review the annual, independent performance audit
  4. to review the planning, scheduling, and budgeting of the projects funded by the Bond proceeds
  5. to represent the interests of the community through participation and advice.

The Board of Education, in putting the Measure F Bond Program on the ballot, set forth the structure and potential membership of the Citizens Oversight Committee. Most of the members are to be appointed by specific school and community organizations. If your organization is one of the designated bodies, you have the option to send a representative to the COC. There are a few requirements that must be observed and other items of information that may help clarify the task so you might make an appointment:  

Membership Requirements

  1. all representatives must live within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District
  2. no representative may be an employee or official of the school district, except those individuals designated to represent employee organizations
  3. no representative may be a vendor, a contractor, or a consultant to the school district 
  4. no representative may be a current or former member of the NMUSD Board of Education
  5. Chamber of Commerce representatives must live within the city represented by their organization


Citizens Oversight Committee Members

Lee Ramos
Member at Large
City of Costa Mesa, Senior Commission

Mitch Vance
Member at Large
TGV Partners

Julio Zunzunegui
Member at Large
Mariners Parent

Richard Rutledge
Member at Large
Estancia Parent & PTA Member

Suzanne Gauntlett
Member at Large

Robert Ooten
Member at Large

Laura Ursini Marroquin
Member at Large
Community Relations, Newport/Naples Rib Co.