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Retirement Services


California Public Employees' Retirement Website

2022-23 CalPERS Member Rate:
FY 2022-23 CalPERS
Classic 2% @ 55 member rate is 7%
PEPRA 2% @ 60 member rate is 8% 

California State Teachers' Retirement Website

2022-23 CALSTRS Member Rate:
FY 2022-23 CalSTRS 
Classic 2% @ 60 member rate is 10.25%
PEPRA 2% @ 62 member rate is 10.205%

Public Agency Retirement Services Website
Participants Online Access
Plan Year-End Statement - June 30, 2023

Public Agency Retirement System (PARS):

Membership rate 6%

The PARS Agency Annual Statement provides information about the PARS assets of employees of your particular employer as a whole.

Information about your particular PARS participant account is available in the Annual Participant Account Valuation Report.

These reports are available at the NMUSD Ed Center, 2985-A Bear Street, Costa Mesa CA  92626.