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Confirming Purchase Order Policy

In accordance with California Education Code Section 42632, only authorized individuals appointed by the Board of Education may financially obligate Newport‐Mesa Unified School District. The District requires issuance of a signed purchase order prior to a vendor providing materials or services, including Internet vendors. The Purchasing Handbook posted on the District’s Purchasing website further explains the purchasing process and the requirements of initiating purchase requisitions and orders.

Purchasing Process

• The Purchasing Dept. will conduct or supervise all purchase transactions for the District and is a resource to facilitate timely and effective transactions. In the event an unauthorized purchase is made, the following applies:
• Any purchase of materials, equipment or services, without a prior purchase order approved by the Purchasing Dept., or without prior approval of a confirming purchase order transaction, may not be paid for by the District.
• Deliveries of supplies, equipment or services, which are made without an approved purchase order, are made at the seller’s risk.

All purchases must conform to District standards, including vendor name, brand, quality, technical specifications, warranty and delivery, among others.

Confirming Purchase Orders

A confirming order transaction occurs when a purchase is initiated by an employee without first obtaining a District‐approved purchase order. The employee then seeks payment for the purchased materials or services through a District‐funded purchase order in order to encumber funds. Without a purchase order the vendor will not be paid. For employee reimbursements of $300 or less, a Check Request Form (aka NM130) is required. The form is available on the accounting page under the Forms section. Eligible confirming purchase order transactions will require the following:

• Initiator must have approval from the principal or site administrator prior to placing an order.
• The initiator must coordinate the purchase with the Office Manager or Office Assistant to ensure District standards are maintained and approved vendors are considered first before actually contacting a vendor to place an order.