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Internet Purchasing Policy

Internet purchases over $100.00 are prohibited. If an item is thought to be only available on the internet, then the employee must contact Purchasing for approval prior to ordering. However, Purchasing may determine that they can obtain the item or a like item from an existing vendor and will do so. If Purchasing approves the employee to purchase the item on the internet, the employee must document the name and date of the person they spoke with in Purchasing on the Check Request Form and provide proof of payment.

Please note, the District is not responsible for damages, warranties, or defective items requiring returns with the vendor for orders placed via the internet by staff. The individual who purchased the item(s) must alert the Office Manager / Principal* of the defective item(s) and initiate the transaction and provide proof of either exchange or refund of such items. All items returned for monetary purposes must provide proof of return, and if reimbursed for the item(s) through the District, the monies shall be relinquished to the District within 15 days of transaction completion date.

*Once the transaction has been completed, the Office Manager/ Principal (along with purchaser) will provide proof to the Purchasing Department of items being returned for exchange or monetary value within 15 days of transaction completion date. Ordering Policy

1. Purchasing has access to an corporate account. This is for last case scenario items that cannot be found from an approved vendor, or are deeply discounted. The discount has to be significantly lower to justify the purchase. Large purchases of books are not allowed. The District will not warranty any items purchased from Amazon.

2. Digital downloads of books are not eligible in the corporate purchase program.

3. District established vendors will be considered first. If the Purchasing Department determines that there is no established vendor that can provide the requested item at a competitive total price, including freight and taxes, then the Amazon purchase will be allowed.

4. Ordering process:

a) Site request permission from Purchasing to order from Amazon

b) If Purchasing approves, site creates a PR in Bi-Tech.

d) Purchasing approves the PR and enters the order in Amazon if no other source is


e) Warehouse receives order.

f) Accounts payable audits and pays the invoice.

5. Returns are not allowed unless the product is received damaged or incorrect.

Software Orders: Software orders should be purchased through a Purchase Order via Purchasing at the District Office. If software must be purchased by a teacher and reimbursed, please note that the Purchasing Department and your Sites Administration must approve prior to the purchase of the software.

*Please note that this process must be Board Approved and obtain Parent Consent prior to ordering software. Before starting this process, please contact Kathy Miller at ext. 7538.

Gift Cards

The award of gift cards (i.e.: ITUNES, Visa, In-n-Out etc.) or cash prizes using District funds, and including ASB funds, to employees, students and community members for any purpose is expressly prohibited.

• The problem with gift cards is that once purchased, there is no trace as to the purpose of the expenditure. Therefore, the auditors look askance when trying to verify expenditures are in compliance with the law and board policy.

• Additionally, it is against the law to make a gift of public funds. Given gift cards are cash equivalents and leave no trace as to the purpose of the expenditure, gift cards might indeed be considered gifts i.e., giving away public money for purposes other than those for which people pay taxes.

• Because gift cards are cash equivalents, the represented amount on the gift card may be taxable income.

• The law clearly regards the misappropriation of public funds as a criminal act, with no minimum monetary limit specified and so, it is imperative District Administrators understand that even trivial or insignificant amounts can result in criminal allegations.

If a School-Connected Organization (SCO) provides gift cards for awards, that’s their prerogative. If a District Administrator takes custodianship of gift cards provided by the School Connected Organization, the cards must be adequately secured and procedures for proper distribution must be developed and executed.