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Purchasing Guidelines and Policies

Purchase Orders

  • Accurate, legible and complete descriptions are required. Unit of measure is important. If unsure on units, type “?” in unit field and press Enter to see available list of units.
  • More than one account number on a requisition can be used using the distribution screen.
  • Always add 8% tax to your orders.
  • If shipping cost is unknown, add 15% shipping charge to each item page.
  • If a purchase requisition is 15 line items or more, please enter your requisition as “Per attached list”. Please mail original copy to Purchasing, and send a copy via email in case original gets lost and to expedite PO process.
  • Please include as much information on your requisition as possible including name of sales rep, discounts and codes, special pricing, quote numbers or freight charges. If you have a formal quote please mail/email a copy to Purchasing.  (IE) If the item is a “kit”, you can describe what the kit includes.
  • Only Purchasing personnel are authorized to make any change to a purchase order. Please contact the purchasing department for requests.

Open Purchase Orders

  • Examples include:  JIT/printer cartridges/science/food.
  • Authorized signatures and effective dates are required.
  • A complete description is important. If a teacher only has an exact amount to spend then type in description area “Not to Exceed P.O. (or dollar) amount.”