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Special Education Transportation

Special Education Transportation is offered as a related service through the Individualized Education Program (IEP).  Students will receive service that is appropriate to serve them safely in the least restrictive environment. Guidelines should be addressed in terms of independence goals by the IEP team.

Students receiving Curbside service must be met at the bus by a parent or designee for their safety. Based on the ability of the student, Transitional service or Centralized service may be suggested by the IEP team. 

Bus Passes are required for all students riding the bus. Bus passes will be issued with the student's name, school, and assigned bus stops.

In the morning parents are asked to have students ready at the curb waiting for the bus five (5) minutes before pick-up time.

In the afternoon if no one is waiting at the bus stop to meet a student, the driver will attempt to return to the stop after others have been dropped off. For safety reasons, unmet students will be returned to their school or to the local Police Department.

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