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Warehouse Hours of Operation- 6:00am to 2:30pm

The Newport-Mesa Unified School District Warehouse department exists to benefit and support the District’s overall educational goals for its students. Our mission is to enable all departments, teachers, and students to maximize their daily potential.   

When we provide goods, services, or manpower to District sites, we successfully meet the needs of our students and co-workers, allowing them to meet the educational goals they strive for. Support is key in providing our customers (students and fellow employees), the best possible opportunity to meet their goals in a seamless and fulfilling environment. 

Services Provided


  •  Intra-district Mail pickup, sorting and delivery daily to all sites.
  •  U.S. Mail pick-up, sorting, postage application and post office delivery daily.


  • Purchase Order processing of incoming ordered materials daily.
  • Freight delivery, receiving and storage of materials daily.
  • Asset tagging and tracking of all high-dollar items received into inventory.

Inventory Storage

  • Secure asset storage of high-dollar materials in separate secure facility.
  • Inventory tracking via cycle counts and yearly inventory of all assets.
  • Product equipment storage of all materials in inventory, archives, and miscellaneous supplies.
  • Order returns pick-up from sites as needed.
  • Document shredding and disposal as needed.
  • Freight Delivery/Stores Orders
  • Freight deliveries to individual sites of materials ordered from outside vendors.
  • Stores orders processing and deliveries of materials ordered daily.
  • Stores orders catalog

Miscellaneous Services

  • Transfer of equipment from site to site or warehouse to site as needed.
  • Science kit pick-up and delivery from site locations as needed.
  • Obsolete product liquidation from site locations as needed.
  • Obsolete equipment pick-up from site locations as needed.
  • Donation pick-ups from outside sources as needed.
  •  Board and testing material deliveries as needed.
  • Emergency Bin maintenance provided for all site locations.
  • Environmental Services
  • E-Waste Recycling program for excess and obsolete materials.

Contact Us

Warehouse Main line
(714) 424-5075

Stores Orders
(714) 424-7116

(714) 424-7115

Jon Geiszler
Director, Purchasing & Warehouse
(714) 424-5063

Nickole Terrell
Warehouse Supervisor
(714) 424-5074

Sally Becenti    
Office Assistant III
Fixed Assets, Emergency Supplies, 
(714) 424-8927

Lead Warehouse Worker/Del. Driver

Alex Rico
Warehouse Worker II
MCC Warehouse Department

Corey Barnes
Warehouse Worker/Del. Driver

Guillermo (Daniel) Camuy
Warehouse Worker/Del. Driver

Juan Chavarria    
Warehouse Worker/Del. Driver    

Alan Garcia    
Warehouse Worker/Del. Driver    

Dave Hileman    
Warehouse Worker/Del. Driver   

Max Ignacio    
Warehouse Worker/Del. Driver    

Steve Ray
Warehouse Worker/Del. Driver

Wendell Ross    
Warehouse Worker/Del. Driver