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Emergency Preparedness Supply Information & Order Form

The District provides (at no cost to your site) a set amount of Emergency Supplies that will be kept in backpacks in the classroom/department and in the emergency bins located at each site. A list of items that are to be placed in each backpack, principal duffle and emergency bin may be found on the Emergency Preparedness Supply Information & Order Form

In the event of a catastrophe, the backpack will provide temporary aid to your students or staff. The items in each backpack will provide for 30 students or 15 adults. The District does not provide food items. Please keep only the items the District provides in the backpack.

The principals’ duffle consists of supplies to get your site into emergency order. A megaphone (check periodically to insure it is in working order) to direct staff and students, a wrench for turning off utilities and a search and rescue module in case your building has collapsed, are but a few of the items in the duffle.

The emergency bins have items that will aid in providing water, five (5) search and rescue modules, sanitation facilities and various tools including tarps for inclement weather. It is very important that the emergency bins be used ONLY for emergency supplies including water barrels (the District will check and fill barrels in a four year cycle). The District will remove all non-emergency supplies out of all bins.

Check your supplies yearly to remove expired or damaged items. You may use the items that will expire during the school year. For example, antiseptic cream that expires February 2011 may be used during the school year July 2010- February 2011. Place your orders before your items expire.

The date stamped on the water pouches is good four (4) years from printed date. For example, water stamped 09/2007 is good until 09/2011. This is the only item that is different in the way you read the expiration date.

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