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Inventory Storage


All assets valued at $500 or more are tagged, logged, and stored in a secured area in the Warehouse until the items are delivered to site. 

Inventory Tracking

The Warehouse conducts monthly cycle counts to protect and secure the integrity of all inventory items in the Warehouse. In addition, all assets valued at $500 or more are inventoried throughout all sites in the District once a year. It is imperative that any item moved from one site to another follows the proper Transfer of Equipment process to ensure an accurate and secure accounting of all of the District’s assets.

Inventory Storage

In addition to inventory to fulfill stores orders, the Warehouse also allocates space to store school related items throughout the year such as chairs, desks, carts, and science kit materials.


The Warehouse, from time to time, also picks up and stores obsolete materials including books, science kits, donations, archives, and miscellaneous items awaiting disposition.


The Warehouse stores records and all archives in banker boxes in a separate storage room above the Purchasing department. This room has limited access and space. All requests to store archive material must be accompanied by an Archive Information Form available from the Warehouse. No records can be accepted without this form filled out completely.