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Intra-District Mail 

Intra-district mail is delivered on a daily basis throughout the district. Your cooperation is appreciated in following a few simple guidelines in order to process your important Intra-district mail in a timely manner. 


  • Cross out the name on the previous line. 
  • Address the envelope using the next available line. 
  • Please do not place new address labels in random locations on the envelope.  Personnel are trained to look only at the last line. 
  • Do not use the back of the envelope if there are still empty lines on the front. 
  • Write clearly and legibly. 
  • Please always include a site name with the addressee's full name (i.e., Mary Smith/CMHS, Jane Doe/Fiscal Services). 
  • Please discard the envelope if all lines are used.
  • Do not laminate Intra-district envelopes.
  • Please have personal mail and magazines delivered to your home address.
  • Please do not make cover sheets in order to extend the life of the envelopes. They become detached and can not be re-matched to the proper envelope.
  • Please do not send first class mail in Intra-district envelopes.
  • Please do not send valuables such as jewelry or money through Intra-district mail.

Intra-district envelopes are available FREE of charge in quantities of 50 per box.  Order item# 78.41750.

U.S. Mail

The U.S. Mail is metered in the warehouse and delivered to the post office by 2:00 pm on a daily basis. The Warehouse has the ability to process First Class, First Class Presort and Third Class Non-Profit mail.

  • mail information sheet  must be created for 1 or more pieces of mail.  A copy of the form will be returned to the originating site once the mail has been processed.  
  • Please click on one of the following to view detailed instructions on preparing specific mail:

First Class Presort

Third Class Non-Profit