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Transfer of Equipment (T.O.E.)

A Transfer of Equipment (T.O.E.) must be created to transfer any item from one location to another location.  This process allows the District to account for an audit trail of items purchased and used at school sites. Inventory is accounted for at each site, each year, and the T.O.E. provides a method of tracking those items, notification of administrators of the movement of site materials, and also initiate a listing of obsolete items to submit to the school board for their final approval.

There are no exceptions to this process and the T.O.E. form is in addition to any specific form for the items themselves such as the Archive Information Form.  This step is required for obsolete books, science kits, musical instruments, teacher moves, e-waste pickup, and any other material movement between sites or the warehouse. The individual site personnel are discouraged from attempting to relocate items from one site to another. If the T.O.E. process is not followed, there is a chance of losing track of these items and site administrators may be unaware they have even been moved. The Warehouse also has equipment to use when making these moves that an individual at a site may not have at their disposal. This helps eliminate damaged equipment or personal injuries that otherwise may occur.

T.O.E. requests must be submitted to the Warehouse for scheduling using the following link: 

Submit a T.O.E.

A T.O.E. must be created listing all items to be moved.  Please do not try to add items when the driver arrives as he/she will be unable to take anything not listed and approved on the original T.O.E. request.  All T.O.E.’s are routed electronically for approvals at each site. You may always go back and check the status of your request by using the electronic link at any time. Please do not call the warehouse and ask that items not yet approved be moved or picked up as we will be unable to do so until the approvals are complete. 

Items that are attached to walls, hardwired, or part of the existing structure require a work order through Maintenance and Operations--not a T.O.E. Computer equipment, electrical, plumbing, and carpentry changes, or disconnection/detachment of equipment must be submitted on a work order.

All equipment with an original purchase value of $500 or more must have serial numbers and asset tag numbers listed on a separate line on the T.O.E. and the tab for “fixed asset” must be selected. This process is extremely important as State regulations require us to account for the items and their whereabouts at all times. Failure to include the asset tag or serial number in effect eliminates the District’s ability to adhere to those regulations. If the asset tag/serial number information is not available, please contact Sally Becenti at 714-424-8927 for guidance. No pickups will be scheduled without this information.

No T.O.E. will be processed without the required information.

T.O.E.’s are scheduled as they are received in the Warehouse. Do not request a T.O.E. to be completed the same day as you fill out the form. T.O.E.’s will be done in order of priority, arrival of request, and manpower availability. All items to be picked up from site should be in the office or MPR to enable efficient pick-up from Warehouse personnel, thus enabling them to fulfill more requests and in a shorter range of lead time for all requestors. In general, a minimum of seven working days from the time the request reaches the Warehouse should be allocated for all requests. During peak times this time may fluctuate.

The Warehouse is responsible for equipment moves between sites. Custodial staff is responsible for on-campus moves. 

All computers must be disconnected.  All file cabinets and desks must be emptied. It is extremely helpful to attach a photocopy of the T.O.E. to all the items being moved for positive identification. 

Someone should always sign when the items are picked up and also when they are delivered. The items should be checked for accuracy, as once they are dropped off there is no way for the Warehouse to be responsible for their security.