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Project Kidz Connect

Project Kidz Connect is a district run after school program offered at Adams, College Park, Killybrooke, Victoria, and Whittier for free with program attendance requirements. This program runs five days a week from dismissal to 6 pm when school is in session. Students must be registered and accepted into the program. Acceptance into the program is based on need and availability. Program requirements include mandatory after school attendance when students are in school during the day. Students may be picked up during one of two dismissal windows without penalty. Student in the program that have multiple absences or are picked up consistently outside the dismissal windows are subject to program termination. 

Program Information

One of the goals of Project Kidz Connect is to complement and support the core learning that happens during the school day and school year. Connecting interactive and engaging activities, such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), robotics, arts/dance/drama, and sports, to school day academic standards, behaviors, and habits can increase student engagement, widen student perspectives, spark curiosity, and boost academic performance.
NMUSD’s Expanded Learning Program includes the following components:
  1. Academic Support: Project Kidz Connect plays an important role in supporting academic achievement. Every day the staff designates time and optimal space for students to complete homework assigned by classroom teachers. The staff actively assist students in developing organizational, time-management, and study skills that help students complete their homework and encourage their overall academic success. Additionally, PKC staff engage with the daytime teachers to learn strategies that reinforce concepts taught during the school day. 

  2. Enrichment:  Students will have opportunities to participate in educational experiences that are challenging and enriching, and extend their academic abilities in the arts, dance, music, science, drama, and sports by partnering with outside community enrichment agencies, as well as community-based organization, such as the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club.

  3. Snack: At no cost to program participants, the district’s Nutrition Services Department will provide a healthful snack to all students. To establish healthful nutrition and reinforce healthful choices, the composition of these snacks meets the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch guidelines for nutrition and portions.

Interest Form

Fill out the Project Kidz Connect Interest Form. The school will give you a registration form when space is available.

Adams elementary Interest Form

College Park Elementary Interest form

killybrooke elementary interest form

victoria Elementary interest form

whittier elementary interest form


Contact Us

For more information, please contact the school site directly: 
School Contact
Adams (K-6)
714-424-7935 x2164
Evelin Juarez
Bilingual Office Assistant
College Park (K-6)
714-424-7960 x2377
Bilingual Office Assistant
Killybrooke (K-6)
714-424-7945 x2234
Maria Gomez
Bilingual Office Assistant
Victoria (K-6)
949-515-6985 x2635
Ireri Cervantes
Bilingual Office Assistant
Whittier (K-6)
949-515-6990 x3442
Jose Paz 
Bilingual Office Assistant