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Personnel Commission

The Personnel Commission is responsible for the management of personnel functions related to the Classified Service. These functions include recruitment, selection, classification, and rules and regulations development and administration.

The Commission consists of three citizens from the school district community who are appointed for three-year terms. One commissioner is appointed by the Board of Education, one is appointed by the employee organization and the third is appointed by the first two.

The Personnel Commission has an independent staff and budget. The Commission staff consists of a Personnel Director and support staff. The Personnel Director is responsible for the administration of the Commission's rules and regulations and acts as the Commission's professional expert in all areas of personnel management under the Commission's authority.

Personnel Commissioners



Commission Agendas and Minutes

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Kristen Clark
Administrative Director I, Classified Personnel

V-Esther Caldwell
Administrative Assistant - Confidential

Christi Winslow
Human Resources Analyst

Theresa Nguyen
Associate Human Resources Analyst

Brandon Provencal
Associate Human Resources Analyst

Elizabeth Peterson
Human Resources Technician

Valeria Martinez-Soria
Human Resources Technician