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Internship Program

Newport Mesa Unified offers a comprehensive internship opportunity for students pursuing a Social Work and School Psychology Degrees.

School Social Work and School Psychology professionals promote the mental health, well-being and academic achievement of all our students.

Our Field Instructors who are approved to supervise interns are highly qualified, committed to the values and ethics of the profession, and possess a genuine interest in social work practices and school psychology.  NMUSD ensures that interns and practicum students are provided with a variety of learning experiences. Our Field Instructors have a strong desire to teach our interns with regards to the field of school social work and school psychology.

Interns are given a wide range of assignments related to identified problem, age, gender, and sexual orientation. Interns are exposed to direct practice interventions with children and their families. Our job as field instructors are to maximize the learning opportunities available for our interns placed within our various programs.

Social Worker Internship Pamphlet

Salary Schedule NMUSD offers a very highly competitive salary in comparison to other neighboring Orange County and Los Angeles County School Districts.

  • Entry Level Pay for 191 Working Days: $87,327 - $96,084 depending on education.
  • Health Benefits NMUSD offers variety when it comes to health care from Kaiser, HMO and PPO plans.
  • Psych to Student Ratio NMUSD is proud to have one of the lowest psychologists to student ratios in Orange County.
  • Model Programs Mental Health Program – Achieved the Golden Bell Award Autism Programs.

The School Psychology Intern Program is part of the NMUSD Psychological Support Services Program. NMUSD strives to provide each intern with the experience and training needed to confidently obtain a position as a School Psychologist.

  • Placement with a supervising School Psychologist at an elementary, middle, high school, transition program, or preschool assessment center setting.
  • Placement focus areas can include working with programs for students with Emotional Disturbance, Significant Mental Health Needs, Autism, Multiple Disabilities, mild moderate to severe needs, and training on reduction of assaultive behavior.
  • Monthly group supervision meetings with School Psychologist intern field coordinators to receive extensive training in assessment procedures, report writing, IEP goal writing, counseling strategies, behavior management strategies, and other prevention and intervention topic areas .
  • Attendance at quarterly District Psychologist meetings.
  • Participation in District-wide trainings on assessment, behavior, and mental health topics in educational settings.


  • Design and implement, in collaboration with others, interventions to support learning.


  • Attend and participate in IEP and SST (student study team) meetings.
  • Provide consultation to General Education and Special Education Teachers for classroom management and implementation of behavior contracts and reinforcement systems.
  • Consultation about student attendance


  • Provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 Counseling – to individual or groups of students.
  • Provide referrals to outside agencies & resources


  • School staff collaboration/training.


  • Work with supervising School Psychologist to conduct multidisciplinary assessments to identify and determine appropriate services and placement for students referred for special education assessments.

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Kristen Henry
Mental Health and Outreach Coordinator