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Ensign Thoughtexchange Results Re: Drop-Off Zone
Posted 4/17/20

Ensign Community,

We appreciate the participation we had in our Thoughtexchange on the proposed drop off zone at Ensign Intermediate School

More than 400 people participated in the Thoughtexchange and provided more than 400 thoughts, with more than 15,000 ratings of thoughts. Participants included approximately 51 percent parents/guardians, 13 percent staff, 12 percent students, and 24 percent community members. 


Please follow the link below to explore the top thoughts (highest rated) and themes that emerged in the exchange. This information will be used to help guide actions and next steps. 

Ensign Project Thoughtexchange Results

Top Themes:

  1. Safety

  2. Educate & Enforce

  3. Irvine Gate

Next steps:

Staff will present the Thoughtexchange results at the April 28 Board of Education Meeting. Staff will review the input and make recommendations for completing the project, including possible revisions to the project, based on the Thoughtexchange results.

Project Status:

Construction has begun on multiple aspects of the project and will continue through summer 2020 with the goal of completing the project prior to the return of students. Construction of the proposed drop off zone will remain on hold until after the Board of Education, on April 28th, where the Board of education is anticipated to make a decision regarding the completion of the project.
We will update you on the status of the proposed drop off zone once a decision has been reached. For project-specific inquiries please contact Director of Facilities Development, Planning and Design Ara Zareczny at Thank you again for your participation in the input process.