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A Message from the Superintendent
Posted 5/19/21

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Newport Mesa Students, Parents and Community,

I have been extremely honored and grateful to serve the Newport-Mesa Unified School District and our school community. These past six and half years I have had the privilege to observe amazing accomplishments by our students and dedicated staff, with the support of parents and a community that truly cares about education and our future generation. I am proud to be associated with this district and thankful overall to have the opportunity to serve in public education. With this in mind, I made an important decision in my life to retire after 36 years in public education, effective August 3, 2021. 

In reflection and without regrets, serving as an educator was the right decision for me. Choosing one of the most noble professions and working each day to make a difference in the lives of children is something I am very proud of. I cherish my years in the classroom teaching kids a subject I love, as well as supporting students, staff and parents as a principal and district administrator. 

I am also grateful for the support of our Board of Education in my role as superintendent, especially during this time of COVID. While these challenges have been extremely difficult for us all, it is through these shared experiences that I will always have a deep connection to the Newport-Mesa community, knowing we got through this together. 

As I enter into this next phase of my life I plan to spend more time with family and friends and to pursue other interests that have always taken a backseat to my professional life. But until then, staff is working to finish the current year strong and prepare for 2021-22. I will continue to support the district until my last work day. Therefore, you will hear from me for a little while longer. 

There is no doubt this district will continue to thrive, knowing there are dedicated leaders, staff and trustees who will carry on the mission and keep the district moving forward on behalf of our students. 

As I have said so many times, thank you for your support of our district, staff and students. 


Russell Lee-Sung