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Inclusive Special Education Preschool
Posted 11/22/22

Inclusive Special Ed Preschool flier

Inclusive Special Education Preschool

Now Accepting: 

General education students from neighboring school districts to participate in our Inclusive Special Education Preschool Programs.

Program Overview

Students learn side-by-side with their same-aged peers in structured, caring preschool classrooms. The programs prepare young learners for success in kindergarten, as they participate in small and large group classroom settings, and cooperative play activities.

  • Focus is on language and early literacy skills, including phonological awareness and alphabet knowledge; and
  • Social and emotional independence, fostered through direct teaching and cooperative play.


  • 3 half-days per week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, $200/month
  • 5 half-days per week: Monday-Friday, $350/month
  • 5 half-days per week: Monday-Friday, $250/month (Pomona Elementary)


  • 4 hours/per day
  • Hours vary based on school locations.

Parent Observation

Parents/guardians are invited to participate in a monthly play-based
observation, which includes a 30-40 minute observation of your child’s play, social and language skills, and classroom readiness.
The session includes a circle time, small group activity and free play.

(949) 515-6631

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