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School Safety: Student Support Services

Protecting the health and well-being of students is of great importance to our school district. NMUSD offers a variety of programs and services that promote students social and emotional well-being, such as:

Threat Assessment:

  • Schools participate in threat assessment and emergency response trainings with local law enforcement and first responders.

Crisis Response Team:

  • Our district has a Crisis Response Team that is immediately deployed to a school(s) during a crisis to provide immediate and ongoing support and resources.

Positive Behavior Intervention Systems:

Mental Health and Wellness:

  • Suicide Prevention and School Violence Prevention
  • Community Alliance -  Our district collaborates with various community organizations in an effort to provide necessary services and programs for our students and families in the areas of after school programs, health, mental health, housing and general assistance programs.
  • Anti-Bullying (information coming soon)

To learn more about these and other student support services please visit the Student Support Services website.