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School Safety: Safety Definitions


Shelter-in-Place: This action is taken in order to keep students and staff members indoors to provide a greater level of protection from any potential outside threats to the campus (which includes off campus police activity, a suspicious person or parent on campus, airborne contaminants in outside air and threatening animals or insects on school grounds).

Shelter-in-Place is used during critical situations in which students/staff are to immediately enter a classroom, lock classroom doors, turn off lights and wait for further instructions. Shelter-in-Place may be used as a tool in a situation that hasn’t elevated itself to a lockdown scenario. 

Lockdown: This action is taken when there is a threat or potential threat on or near campus. Students/staff are to immediately enter the nearest classroom or office, lock doors, turn off lights and wait for further information. Students are to remain in the classrooms or designated locations at all times until directed otherwise by school administrators, staff or law enforcement.

Reunification: This is a procedure used when the school is evacuated or closed as a result of an emergency situation. A designated location will be established for parents/ guardians to reunite with their children following an emergency. This reunification site may be at the school or an alternative location, depending on the emergency situation.