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Smartphone Information

The following applies to most smartphones and tablets. This information should only be necessary if you want to wirelessly synchronize your e-mail, calendar, and contacts between the District servers and your personal phone. PLEASE NOTE: When you configure your personal device to synchronize your District email/calendar/contacts you are implicitly configuring required settings on your device and allowing the Newport-Mesa USD IT Department to initiate, without prior notice, remote wipe or other data sanitation processes on your device, if such an action is required. Most devices will wipe all data when remote wipe is requested: in other words everything on the phone is lost, not just the email/contact/calendar information. 

Phones with the following capabilities have worked in the past with the District's e-mail, calendar and contact services:

  • Windows Mobile OS (Surface, Surface Pro, Windows Phone)
  • Apple iOS (iPads/iPhones)
  • Android OS (Galaxy/Nexus tablets, Galaxy/Nexus phones, and others). 
  • Allows third-party SSL security certificates to be installed.

Other smartphones may indeed work with our servers, but you will need to contact your wireless service provider for assistance or troubleshooting.

Newport-Mesa USD provides no guarantee that your device will work with our email servers, and no support or other remedy will be provided if you experience problems with your email/calendar/contacts or any other problems on your device. 

Documents provided below explain how to connect popular smartphones to District servers, but note that no support or troubleshooting will be provided by IT for personal equipment.

Operating System Service Carriers Setup Instructions

 Windows Mobile 


ATT / Sprint /
T-Mobile / Verizon / Others
Setup Instructions

  iPhone  (Apple)

ATT / Sprint /
T-Mobile / Verizon / Others
Setup Instructions

  Android  (Google)

ATT / Sprint /
T-Mobile / Verizon / Others
Setup Instructions

Due to wide variety of wireless providers and communication devices available for personal use, IT Department cannot guarantee your personal communication device will succesfully sync e-mail and other data with our servers. Please contact your wireless provider with any questions or if you require assistance (information provided on this page may be useful when you contact your provider).

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