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Transportation Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Will masks be mandated on the bus?

A.  Yes, all riders will be required to wear a face covering (exceptions will require documentation of a qualifying condition).


Q.  Will buses be sanitized?

A.  Yes, twice a day.


Q.  Will you provide hand sanitizer for my student?

A.  No, it is against the law for school buses to carry and distribute hand sanitizer.


Q.  Will students who appear sick be denied transportation?

A.  Yes, if a student is brought to the bus sick, they may be turned away.


Q.  Will my student be able to buy a bus pass for a stop that is further from our home address?

A.  No, the reason for the expanded walk zones is to accommodate the students with the greatest travel distance.


Q.  Will my students be able to sit together on the bus?

A.    No, one student per seat.


Q.  Will my bus stop ever be added back?

A.  No, we have consolidated bus stops to improve productivity and route times.


Q.  Will space available bus passes still be sold?

A.  No, school of choice bus passes will not be sold. The exception may be a sibling riding with their special ed. sibling.


Q.  What happens when schools open back up to 100 percent on campus learning?

A.  Routes may be adjusted based on CDC guidelines.


Q.  Will my student still receive breakfast?

A.  If and when breakfast becomes available again, bus routes will have to be adjusted to get students to school in time for breakfast.


Q:  Is there bus service available for my student to their school?
A:  Check the Bus Stops Link to see available stops for each school.

Q:  How far is my student expected to walk to a bus stop or to their school?  
A:  All elementary students (K thru 6) are expected to travel up to 1.25 miles to the bus stop or school.  For middle school and high school students may have to travel up to 3 miles from their service address to the bus stop or school.

Q:  Does my student need a bus pass?
A:  All students are required to have a bus pass to ride the bus.  This is for the student's safety.  The bus pass tells the bus driver who the student is, where the student needs to be dropped off, and if the student needs to be met by an adult.

Bus Pass Application Process:

Q:  How do I apply for a bus pass?
A: The Bus Pass Application is only available online.  Bus Passes will be sent to the school once they are processed.  PLEASE NOTE:  A separate application must be completed for each student applying for a bus pass.

Q:  What is the cost of a bus pass?
A:  Annual Roundtrip $360.00, Annual One Way $190. Semester Roundtrip $190.00, Semester One Way $100.00. (Exceptions for Special Education Students.)

Q:  Do I qualify for a free or reduced bus pass?
A:  You may be eligible for a free or reduced bus pass.  Complete the Supplemental Form. provide proof of income from all sources for all people living in the home as listed on the form and our office will contact you to schedule an appointment for document approval.  Please note:  Documents will be retained in our office therefore, it is highly recommended copies are provided since we are unable to make copies. 

Q:  Are refunds available?  
A:  Refunds will only be provided for unused bus passes when a student moves out of the school district.

Q:  How do I replace a lost bus pass or make a change?
A: There is a $10.00 replacement fee for a lost or modified pass.  Contact our office at (714) 424-5080 to schedule an appointment.
For students who have moved, address verification from the Welcome Center is required before a new bus pass can be issued.

Special Ed Bus Service:

Q:  How do I know if my student is eligible for Special Education Transportation?
A:  Eligibility is determined by the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Questions regarding Special Education Transportation should be directed to the student's Teacher or Case Carrier.  Students who are eligible will still need a bus pass to ride the bus for their safety.  If the student does not have a bus pass, please contact Transportation at 714-424-5034 and specify that your request is for a special needs student.