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Mental Health and Outreach Services

School-based mental health services are more than just counseling; they range from prevention and skills development to intervention and evaluation, referral, collaboration, consultation and counseling.

The focus of the Psychological Support Services team is to provide access to these tools to students within the district in order to encourage a positive mental health which leads to positive learning and behavior.  Our staff teams with parents, other school-based professionals, and community partners to provide a continuum of services that meet the needs of the individual student.  Many students’ needs for emotional or behavioral intervention services can be met by a general level of support available in the school.  However, when behavior signals that a student is not coping with their environment and it is negatively impacting their educational performance, the student may need selected targeted or intensive treatment interventions to be successful in school.

Psychological Support Services are delivered district-wide through a behavioral tiered approach to interventions.  This model moves from providing support and intervention from the general population to individualized support to specific students.

TIER 1:  Universal Intervention

Preventative services and practices are available to students in increase and promote protective factors for students.

TIER 2:  Early Interventions

Services at this level are targeted to support students that are at risk for emotional or behavioral disorders that are negatively impacting educational performance. Services promote resiliency and student wellness.

TIER 3:  Intensive Interventions

Services at this level are geared towards are experiencing significant social, emotional and behavioral concerns. Services are more individualized support students in managing emotional or behavioral challenges that are negatively impacting educational performance. 

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Phil D'Agostino, Ed.D,
Director of Student and Community Services

Kristen Henry, 
Mental Health and Outreach Coordinator

School Social Workers: 

Maria Barragan, MSW, PPSC
Costa Mesa Zone

Elizabeth Shin, PPSC, LCSW
Newport Harbor Zone

Jessica DeWilde, PPSC, LCSW
Navig8 Program

Linh Thai, PPSC, LCSW
Estancia Zone

Tucker Cannon, PPSC, LCSW
Corona del Mar Zone