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Transition Partnership Program

TPP is collaborative program with the California Department of Rehabilitation to provide employment related services leading to job placement for students and adults with disabilities. Students may begin the referral process to TPP  in their junior or senior year of high school.  Eligibility for this program is determined by Department of Rehabilitation. Students are served by priority of need and may be placed on a waiting list to determine eligibility.

The N-MUSD TPP Student Services Program provides activities that support students, ages 16 through 21 with an IEP/504 plan, transition to the world of work. Services are based on interests and may include:

Helping students explore career options and find jobs that match their skills and interests

  • Preparing students for employment by developing good work habits and appropriate social practices
  • Building confidence and leadership abilities in the workplace through self-advocacy instruction
  • Offering paid and unpaid work experience opportunities in local professional settings

Contact Us 

Jake Barkero
Transition Services Program Manager  
(949) 515-5343

Vicki Martini Lead Transition Specialist

May Venek Transition Specialist T