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Please note that some of the links in the archived newsletters may not be active, and that attachments are not included. If you would like a specific attachment or link please email your request to Troy Bacon at

Employee Wellness

NMUSD Wellness for Life


All Staff Wellness

2020 Holiday Season Walkingspree 

Program Period:  November 16th to January 8th

Announcement and Program Information


Headspace Logo

Headspace for All NMUSD Employees

Headspace is a mindfulness and meditation app, and so much more!  All employees may now utilize Headspace at no cost.  Learn more about Headspace and follow these steps to get started today!


2020-2021 Live Wellness Webinars 

This Month's Topics - click the time to register

Simple Strategies for a Healthy, Balanced Life | Tuesday, December 15th at 12-1PM & 5-6PM

Making Physical Activity Count | Wednesday, November 16th at 12-1PM & 5-6PM

View the full list of topics and register to receive calendar invites and reminders


Chats with Troy! 

November 11th Topic:  Cigna and Kaiser 2020-2021 Health Awareness Incentive Programs, Walkingspree, Cigna Commit to Fit and Kaiser Permanente Healthy Lifestyle Programs

This year we are also introducing monthly Chats with Troy!  Each month Troy Bacon - your NMUSD Well-Being Coordinator - will discuss a relevant NMUSD Wellness for Life topic, and provide the opportunity for employees to ask questions about programs and resources. This is intended to be a platform for general information, so individual and personal questions should still be directed to Troy Bacon via email at All employees are welcome to join any of these sessions on the second Wednesday of each month at 12:00PM. Sign up today to receive the monthly calendar reminder! You are not required to attend even if you sign up.


Wellness Webinar Replays

SLEEP: Rest for Wellness - Replay

Healthy Holidays - Replay 

Boosting Your Immune System With Gut Health - Replay |Slides | Best Foods

Managing Your Mindset in the Midst of Uncertainty - Replay Slides 

Medicare 101 - Replay

Mental Well-Being Workshop Session 1: Addressing the Issues, Short Term - Replay | Presentation Handouts

Mental Well-Being Workshop Session 2: YOU, Self Care - Replay | Presentation Handouts

Mental Well-Being Workshop Session 3: Creating and Fulfilling Your Life Vision - Replay | Presentation |Handouts

Physical Well-Being Workshop Session 1: Eat Well Live Better - Replay  | Handouts

Physical Well-Being Workshop Session 2: Overcoming Barriers to Weight-loss - Replay | Handouts

Physical Well-Being Workshop Session 3: Healthy Steps Toward Habit Change - Replay | Handouts


Live Behavioral Health Webinars

Click each link below to view specific topics, dates, and times offered.  These webinars are courtesy of Cigna, but are available to all employees and family members, regardless of benefit status.

Autism  |  Children and Families  |  Eating Disorders  |  Substance Use Disorder


On-Demand Wellness Webinars (Jan-Dec)

These webinars are courtesy of Cigna, but are available 24/7 through December 2020 to all employees and family members, regardless of benefit status.   View the specific topics.


24 Hour Fitness Membership Discounts 

NMUSD employees and family members can access 24 Hour Fitness memberships as low as $27.99 per month!  These contracted rates are available to new members through December 31st, 2020 and will stay in effect for 12 months.  


Helpful Links

Work at Home Ergonomics


Cigna Wellness

Holiday Season 2020 Commit to Fit:  12-8-2020 to 2-12-2021

Program Guide and FAQ  |  Initial Assessments will be held on December 8th and 9th in the NMUSD Board Room (2985 Bear Street).  Space is limited, so secure your spot no later than December 4th.

2020-2021 Cigna Health Awareness Incentive Program:  10-1-2020 to 9-30-2021

Program Guide and FAQ  |  Health Assessment Information  |  Health Assessment Privacy Statement  |  Wellness Screening Form

Flu Shots

The Who, When, and Where of Flu Shots  |  In-Network Retail Pharmacies

Virtual Care

Medical and Behavioral  |  Wellness Screenings

Helpful Links

My Cigna

Cigna Website for NMUSD

Active & Fit Direct

Wellness Discounts

Maternity Support

Health Coaching

Condition Management


Cigna One Guide Customer Service


Contact Us

Troy J Bacon, CWPC
Well-Being Coordinator


Vicky Wyman
Benefits Supervisor


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