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Please note that some of the links in the archived newsletters may not be active, and that attachments are not included. If you would like a specific attachment or link please email your request to Troy Bacon at

Links for the March Newsletter

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Oral Health

Employee Wellness

NMUSD Wellness for Life


All NMUSD employees are invited to join the 2022 Summer Workshop Series for the opportunity to earn a $100 program reward and one of the three iPad Pro grand prizes!  Register today to receive all the program emails containing Zoom and questionnaire links, relevant information, and any updates.  View the Full Program Information for details on how to participate and earn the program rewards.

Medicare 101

Medicare 101 Informational Session Replay

Cigna Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

This is an employer-paid benefit available to ALL employees of NMUSD, and members of their household.  Receive confidential support - including counseling; legal and financial assistance; child, elder, and pet care; and more - to help you and your family with whatever difficulties life sends your way.  Visit or call 877.622.4327.

EAP Brochure

EAP Overview

EAP Virtual Counseling

Talkspace - Therapy by text, voice, and video messaging

Wellness Video Library

This brand-new resource for NMUSD employees includes fitness videos such as cardio and home workouts, and mindfulness videos like yoga and meditation.  With ten new videos every month, the content will never get old! 

Wellness Video Library | Username: NMUSD | Password:  wellness4life

Cigna Dental

Search for in-network dentists by logging into  If it is your first time visiting the site you will first need to register.  You may also view your costs and coverage within the Dental PPO Benefit Summary or the Dental HMO Patient Charge Schedule based on your enrollment.

Dental Virtual Care

Dental Health Topics

New Year Habits

Children's Oral Health

Genes and Oral Health

Alcohol, Tobacco, Vaping, and Oral Health

Dental Anxiety

Men's Oral Health

Overall Oral Health

Women's Oral Health

Obesity and Oral Health

Importance of Dental Hygiene

Diabetes and Oral Health

Aging and Oral Health

Oral Health Integration Program:  Cigna dental members with specific conditions are eligible for additional, no-cost dental services through the Oral Health Integration ProgramSign up at any time, and use the below links to explore what services you can receive based on your condition.


Chronic Kidney Disease


Heart Disease and Stroke

Huntington's Disease



Opioid Misuse and Addiction

Organ Transplant

Parkinson's Disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sjogrens Syndrome

Care Solace: Care Concierge

24/7 support to connect individuals with providers that treat mental health and substance use disorders. Phone: 888-515-0595


Video information link 

NMUSD Staff Resource

NMUSD Care Solace

Headspace Logo

Headspace for All NMUSD Employees

Headspace is a mindfulness and meditation app, and so much more!  All employees may now utilize Headspace at no cost.  Learn more about Headspace and follow these steps to get started today!


Mental Health Resources

Mental & Behavioral Health Resource Guide  |  Virtual Behavioral Care

Digital Tools:  Mindfulness Podcasts  |  Ginger  |  Talkspace  |  Happify  |  iPrevail


Cigna Health Awareness Incentive Program:  October 1st, 2021 to September 30th, 2022

Available to Employees and/or Spouses enrolled in Cigna medical coverage through NMUSD for the 10/1/2021 plan year.

Complete the myCigna Health Assessment and a Wellness Screening (aka annual physical, biometrics, well-visit, etc.) to earn a $100 pre-paid debit card.

Program Guide and FAQ |  Health Assessment Information  |  Health Assessment Privacy Statement  |  Wellness Screening Form  |  Incentives Page User Guide


Preventive Care

Preventive Care Reference Guide

Know Your Numbers:  Metabolic Syndrome  |  Controllable Risk Factors  |  Blood Pressure  |  BMI  |  Body Composition  |  Cholesterol  |  Waist Size

Cancer:  General  |  Breast Cancer  |  Colon Cancer  |  Lung Cancer  |  Cancer Caregiving  |  Healthy Habits

Immunizations:  Adult Immunizations  |  CDC Immunization Schedules  |  Who, When, and Where of Flu Shots  |  In-Network Retail Pharmacies 


Musculoskeletal Care

Back Pain Facts  |  Back Pain PreventionBack Pain Risk Factors  |  Arthritis  |  Carpal Tunnel  |  Office Ergonomics


Helpful Links

Virtual Care for Minor Medical & Behavioral:   Virtual Care Presentation  |  MDLive & Cigna Network  | Cigna Network

My Cigna

Cigna Website for NMUSD

Active & Fit Direct: Gym Membership Discounts  - OverviewNavigation

Wellness Discounts  |  ChooseHealthy Alternative Medicines

Maternity Support; Healthy Pregnancy App

Health Coaching & Online Modules

Condition Management


Cigna One Guide Customer Service

Kaiser Logo


Mental Health Resources

Mental Health & Wellness Brochure  |  How to Get Care  |  Mental & Emotional Wellness Apps  |  Understanding Mental Health


2021-2022 Health Awareness Incentive Program: 10-1-2021 to 9-30-2022

Available to Employees and/or Spouses enrolled in Kaiser Permanente medical coverage through NMUSD for the 10/1/2021 plan year.

Complete the Total Health Assessment and a Wellness Screening (aka annual physical, biometrics, well-visit, etc.) to earn a $100 pre-paid debit card.

Program Guide and FAQ  |  Health Assessment Information  |  Wellness Screening Form


Flu Shots

Flu Shot Infographic  |  Find a flu shot location

Virtual Care

Telehealth:  Care from the comfort of home  |  Telephonic Health Coaching  |  Maternity Support

Helpful Links - Website for Kaiser Permanente Customers

Kaiser Permanente Healthy Resources Guide

Kaiser Permanente Health & Wellness

Active & Fit Direct (FAQ & Enrollment Instructions) - Gym Membership Discount Program

ClassPass - Free online fitness videos

Mental Health and Wellness Apps:  CalmmyStrength

Finding Balance: Reducing Stress Guide and Workbook

Rest and Revive: Sleeping Better Workbook and Journal

Preventive versus Diagnostic Care  |  Understanding Costs

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